This is why i make business with you---from Panama Clients

Published by November 08,2023

In a highly competitive market environment, how to provide customers with a good shopping experience?  how to  establish long-term partnerships? You will find a lot of articals from, i will not repeat. Sometimes, only one tiny step will let you win from the battle. I am Aileen Wu, Glad to share with you. In the end, I will attach a chat record between me and a panama client.


First, let's talk what will makes you lose a clients.  If we talk face by face, they can know from your gesture, the attitude, the voice, if he is welcomed or not. everyone is not fool. Also, your professional is also the most important, professional will give you a big chance to choose you. The last is service.. Service. some sales only do some steps, he is good, but not perfect.  


What I have done to my clients all around professional and service. price is sure important, but Johope already in the field about 18 years, we have the best prices. Professional I mean, back to printing, when a clients says I am deal with Fortune printer made in Dongguan City, I will find my experience in my mind quickly " who is fortune, what they sale, what is best printer they are making, what printer parts we can supply " So, when they asking question, I have prepared, i can reply even i can give suggestions.  Service, I mean,after receiving the payment from clients (VIP clients after giving the bank slip), prepare the order urgently to ship the order within 3 working days. Take goods photos for clients before packing, after packed, send the package photos, and also give tracking number. A lot of sales will stop in this step, but being a professional sales, you cann't, you should track the number from time to time until it delivered, and should keep updated with clients in any case he forget it.  


My panama friend, he bought epson dx4 print head, dx7 golden print head, Toshiba CE4M print head, print head cable, roland captop and other products. I will not listed.  Because of tracking, when the goods in customs, we call clients time to do the clearance, call local express, and if anything we can help, contact us.  Then, customers expressed their praise and recognition for our services and products.


Johope technology, make the best even better..




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