Egypt business 2020

Published by March 30,2020

In the very beginning of 2020, we went to Egypt to attend Digi Sign 2020.. This is a beautiful country and I loved it immediately.. Egypt is with great advertising business, we could see banners and printings everywhere in the street.. When i got in the car(very nice Egypt friend came to airport and took us in the midnight), i know this is it. we have to visit and learn from this country. 


We were visitors during the digi sign expo, and it was crowed all the time, even 10 p.m., I visited many expos, different countries, digi sign is the longest expo..After visiting, we realise that digital textile printing coming into this market, and starfire 1024 printers was the mostly exhibitors.. Fortune was showed a wallpaper machine, which many local people didn't see yet.. so they got many orders of this machine even though it is not cheap, well, think about it, the machine is using ricoh gen5 print heads, with white and varnish, 3.2m platform.. people are care about printing resolution carefully.. and will widely use in decorating..


Luckily, when we was in Egypt, we didn't cost our penny, the friendly friends paid for us, took us to visit the pyramids in Ghisa, took to the nile river, also took us the restaurant,  one clients even took us to a seafood restaurant, come on, it is 500rmb average..


When we finished the visit, clients send us to Airport.. we will miss you all.. and welcome to China.. we will do the same.. 


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